Vegan Cooking Class Series

Dharma Voices for Animals (Chico Chapter) and Chico Vegan present the 2016 Series: Cooking for Compassion and Health. Back by popular demand, sign up for these classes where we explore various topics in plant-based cooking. All are welcome!

All classes will be held from on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Sky Creek Dharma Center, 120 Three Oaks Court, Chico. Classes will cost $15 to cover materials and donations to Sky Creek and Dharma Voices for Animals).

Please contact Sherry Morgado to receive registration instructions or for more information.

March 19: A Sri Lankan Meal (Lakshmi Ariaratnam) – Dals and Greens
Note: For those interested, part two of this class is a field trip to an Indian grocery store in Yuba City followed by lunch; details to be determined at the class.

April 16: Making Your Own Seitan or Wheat Meat (Jeannie Trizzino) [not gluten-free]

May 21: Homemade Vegan Cheeses (Jeannie Trizzino)

June 11: Pressure Cooking for Quick Meals (Jeannie Trizzino)

July 30: Keeping It Cool: Meals for Summer (Sherry Morgado)

August 13: Exploring Tofu (Sherry Morgado)

September 17: Easy Vegetable Dishes (Sherry Morgado)

October 15: Vegan Baking: Cakes/Cupcakes/Frosting (Jeannie Trizzino) [not gluten-free]

November 12: Preparing a Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner (Jeannie and Sherry)

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