10 Billion Lives Tour Comes to Chico

Want to make a statement for the animals for Earth Day? AR activist volunteers needed to join the 10 Billion Lives Tour for effective outreach! Volunteering at a 10 Billion Lives event is an engaging and rewarding form of pay-per-view outreach – people are asked to watch a 4-minute video on animal issues and will get $1 for their time. After they watch the video, the aim is to have a conversation with each viewer to encourage them to get active for animals by leaving them off of their plates.

The 10 Billion Lives Tour will be at Butte College on these dates:
Mon 4/18 – 9am – 3pm
Tue 4/19 – 9am – 3pm

The 10 Billion Lives Tour will be at Chico State on these dates:
Wed 4/20 – 9am – 3pm
Thu 4/21 – 9am – 3pm
Fri 4/22 – 9am – 3pm


They are asking for volunteers to help them set up and help with outreach and honest conversation. If you are interested, please send an email to chicovegan@gmail.com.


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