Meatless Monday & Beer Tasting – New Earth Market

Join us on Monday July 25, 2016 for Meatless Monday at New Earth Market in Chico! This will be a great opportunity to sample vegan items from the deli, coffee bar, and throughout the store, as well as mingle and meet other vegans and folks interested in getting started with shifting their diets from the Standard Western Diet to a more plant-based diet. This is a great event to invite friends, co-workers, and family members to. PLEASE SHARE THIS EVENT WIDELY!

Monday July 25, 2016
New Earth Market – Chico
864 East Avenue, Chico CA 95926

Jeannie Trizzino will be conducting a guided tour of the tour starting at 6:30 pm. Meet at the front of the store at 6:30 sharp to take the tour, or join the tour group in progress. You’ll learn about how to read a label, what brands to look for, and how to be healthy and happy on Meatless Monday.

Additionally, there will be beer-related socializing, hosted by the hip and charming Erika Soerenson. You can purchase a beer-tasting ticket for $10 and try out three vegan beers from the Evil Twin Brewing, a Danish gypsy brewery: (1) Hipster Ale, (2) Pappy’s Imperial Biscotti Break, and (3) Molotov Cocktail Single Simcoe Hop Edition. (What’s not vegan about beer? Well, let me tell you.) PLEASE NOTE: If you do the beer tasting, your beer will be required to stay in the designated tasting areas. You will not be able to walk around the store with a beer in your hand. Seriously. 

Why Meatless?

Going meatless once a week may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also help reduce your carbon footprint and save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel.

Why Mondays?

For most Americans the week begins on Monday. On Monday we move from the freedom of the weekend back to the structure of work or school. We set our intentions for the next six days. We plan ahead and evaluate progress.


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