Vegan Thanksgiving Cooking Class – November 12

Hard to believe, but Thanksgiving Day is only five-and-a-half weeks away (!!), and you may be going to other Thanksgiving festivities even earlier (like the Chico Vegan Meetup Thanksgiving**). So, time to plan those menus, sharpen those knives and get ready to cook!

To help you, the Chico Chapter of Dharma Voices for Animals is featuring a Vegan Thanksgiving Cooking class this year in its “Cooking for Compassion and Health” series.  Whether you are cooking the whole meal and hosting at your house, or you need some vegan dishes to take to an otherwise non-veg Thanksgiving with family, we will have you covered!  The talented duo of Susan Morgado and Jeannie Trizzino will be co-teaching this class on November 12 and hope you will join us!  Remember, class size is limited to 12 people, so I encourage you to register early at this link:

During this season of gratitude, we are very grateful for your ongoing interest, participation and your commitment to relieving the suffering of animals through a compassionate diet.

We hope to see you there!

Jeannie Trizzino, Chico Vegan Organizer –
Sherry Morgado, Dharma Voices for Animals, Chico Chapter Leader –

** The Chico Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck will be held on November 19, 2016 – Save the Date!


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