Vegan Thanksgiving 2018

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11/16/18 – UPDATE
Hi all –
Out of precaution, we have decided to cancel this event due to the local norovirus outbreak. We have not re-scheduled, but please check for upcoming events. We encourage you to donate your ticket refunds to the North Valley Animal Disaster Group at All tickets have been refunded.

–Jeannie and Karri

Join us for the Sixth (!!) Annual Chico Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck. Our compassionate harvest-themed meal takes place on Sunday, November 18 from 5 – 7 pm.

This year’s event will be held at the Chico Women’s Club at 592 E 3rd Street in Chico. There is a charge to cover the rental of the space and for the beverage service. All proceeds in excess of basic costs will be donated to North Valley Animal Disaster Group, which is evacuating and sheltering many dogs, cats, horses and other animal victims of the Camp Fire.

Please buy your ticket early; space is limited.

$8 per person
$4 for children
$10 per person at the door
FREE – Camp Fire victims, low-income, in a hard spot, financially challenged (no questions asked). These tickets MUST be reserved in advance online.

NEW!! If you are financially challenged, we will reimburse you for your food costs for up to $20. Please send an email to for more information. If you are a Camp Fire victim, you do not need to bring anything, but please do register in advance so we can have a head count.

Children welcome!
This space is wheelchair accessible.

A few potluck rules, so everyone can enjoy the food:

Please bring at least 8-10 servings of a Thanksgiving-themed food dish – stuffing, green bean casserole, entrees like Tofurky, Gardein, Field Roast, salad, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. – see recipe links below.
Bring a serving utensil for that dish.
Soup is not a good potluck item to bring, as we have no bowls.
Of course, the item must be vegan (no animal products of any kind — so please be careful with ingredients like honey, casein, whey or egg whites). If you have questions, please comment below or message the organizers.
If you’re making a dish from scratch, please bring the recipe or a list of the ingredients to place with the item.
If you’re bringing a store-bought item, please bring the package.


Chico Natural Foods, S&S, Trader Joe’s, New Earth Market, Safeway, Raleys, Winco, and other local stores all have vegan Thanksgiving items.

Do you follow a WFPB-SOS* diet? We will be joined by the Plant Based Chico group, led by the irrepressible and supportive Nancy Norby Mathews. WFPB-SOS dishes will be clearly labeled.
Also, Plant Based Chico will be holding a separate 100% WFPB-SOS potluck in November. Please check the PBC Facebook group for more information.

*WFPB-SOS = whole-foods, plant-based, no salt, no oil, no sugar. No kidding.

1 thought on “Vegan Thanksgiving 2018

  1. shoot, I was checking in to buy tickets but, I get why this cancellation. We’ll do a small vegan dinner on our own. Thank you SO MUCH for putting this event together for the holiday season.
    we will miss you!


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