Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-09

On today’s show we’ll be covering a few news stories, leading with the anaerobic dairy digester fairy tale being funded by tax dollars, followed by news of the USDA releasing its facility inspection reports, and a new survey that shows that Americans are receptive to the idea of meat-free meals. We’ll end with a short David and Goliath story about a small vegan cheese company versus the California Department of Agriculture.

“The only creature on Earth whose natural habitat is a zoo is a zookeeper.”
― Karl Pilkington, British comedian, author, and actor.

The misbegotten promise of anaerobic digesters
by Jessica McKenzie
December 3, 2019

California awards $69.9 million for dairy digester projects
By California Department of Food and Agriculture
July 13, 2018

California Department of Food and Agriculture
Dairy Digester Research and Development Program – Program-Level Data
November 22, 2019

Operating Manure Digesters in California – 2013

After three years, USDA releases previously hidden animal cruelty records
By H. Claire Brown
February 18, 2020

94 Percent Of Americans Are Willing To Eat More Plant-based Foods, Yale Survey Finds
By Nicole Axworthy
February 23, 2020

Miyoko’s Kitchen sues California over plant-based product labeling rules
By Cathy Siegner
February 11, 2020

Cow’s Milk May Increase Risk for Breast Cancer
February 26, 2020

Airdate: 02/26/2020 / Episode 20-09

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