Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-10

“I believe that people who don’t eat meat should be able to dine in mixed company without feeling that they were second-class citizens, or that their meal consisted of a series of side dishes, as they so often do at restaurants.”

-J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, food-science writer for the New York Times

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Meet the mechanical engineer who left Boeing to make plant-based chicken
By Chase Purdy
February 4, 2020

The Livestock Lobby’s Ploy to Write the Green New Deal
By Spencer Roberts
February 2020

L.A. bans exotic animals from house parties
By City News Service
February 18, 2020

Could Australia’s Bushfires be a Turning Point for Plant-Based Production?
By Veronica Fil, former economic advisor to the Australian government, food industry expert
February 18, 2020

Airdate: 03/04/2020 / Episode 20-10

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