Looking to add some plant-based meals to your diet? Interested in going fully vegan? The following links explore the whys and hows of vegan living.

Meet the Animals – Meet rescued farm animals and learn about the realities of factory farming.

Meat Video – An eye-opening look behind the closed doors of modern farms, hatcheries, and slaughter plants.

Becoming Vegan – Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of Compassionate Cooks recounts her own experience of becoming desensitized to the suffering of animals only to be reawakened as an adult.

Health Tips – Simple advice on healthy vegan living. For more detailed information on the health benefits and health considerations of plant-based eating, please visit

Plant-Based Recipes Browse nearly 15,000 vegan recipes.

Product Guide – Get familiar with some of the best new plant meats, dairy alternatives, cook books, cosmetic products, and more.

Dharma Voices for Animals – Chico Chapter – Local chapter of Dharma Voices for Animals, which is a global group committed to practicing the teachings of the Buddha and speaking up about animal suffering. All Dharma practitioners are invited to engage in looking deeply at the ways we cause harm to animals and then making choices to lessen their suffering. The group shares readings, field trips, cooking classes, and activism to spread the Buddha’s message of compassion for all beings.

Nonhuman Radio – a weekly radio show on veganism and animal rights. NHR airs every Wednesday from 5:30-6pm on KZFR-90.1 or streaming online at

Plant-Based Chico – Plant-Based Chico is a whole food-plant based lifestyle and education group based in Chico. The group meets once a month on the fourth Thursday of the month in Chico. Some meetings are cooking demonstrations, others are educational film presentations, and others feature guest speakers. The Facebook group provides online support as well as local tips and hints. Plant-Based Chico is a PlantPure Nation POD.

Stay Healthy Chico – Stay Healthy Chico is a weekly plant-based meetup group. It meets weekly every Sunday evening from 5:30-6:30 pm at New Earth Market in Chico, California, often featuring guest speakers and local chefs. In addition, Stay Healthy Chico joins up with other local groups to attend events like hikes, shows, and field trips. This is a fun and active group.

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