It’s easy to have a great vegan meal when eating out with friends. More and more restaurants are adding vegan items to the menu, and many chefs are happy to prepare a custom dish if you ask for one.

Ethnic restaurants are a great option to explore. Indian restaurants offer savory stews and curries made with lentils, beans, potatoes, and vegetables. Italian restaurants have a variety of pasta dishes and salads. Thai restaurants serve noodle, curry, and mixed vegetable entrees, usually available with tofu. And Mediterranean restaurants carry falafel sandwiches and vegetarian platters. Several fast food and restaurant chains also serve vegan dishes – visit our Fast Food page for a detailed listing – but these local restaurants go above and beyond those common options.

Aonami has Tofu Tuesdays (lower prices on some things) so that is another option.

And if you know a restaurant with great vegan food in the Chico area that we’ve missed, please contact us. Bon appétit!

Aca Taco – Downtown
133 Broadway St.
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 894-0191

Vegan-friendly, but not clearly labeled. Simple menu. Seasoned rice, black beans, refried beans, and guacamole are all vegan. They also offer a special veggie filling (vegan) which includes carrots, potatoes, zucchini, and onion.

Aca Taco – Nord
1000 W Sacramento Ave, Ste D
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 343-0909

Vegan-friendly, but not clearly labeled. Simple menu. Seasoned rice, black beans, refried beans, and guacamole are all vegan. They also offer a special veggie filling (vegan) which includes carrots, potatoes, zucchini, and onion.

Ali Baba
138 Broadway St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 345-5000

Vegan-friendly falafel joint. Their basmati and seasoned rice are vegan (remarkably, the seasoned rice is seasoned with a vegan brand of “chicken-flavored bouillon”), but not their tahini sauce, which has yogurt added to it. If only they had left the tahini in its natural state, or just added, say, lemon juice to it. Anyway, if you order a falafel wrap, ask them to omit the tahini and substitute hummus.

The veggie kabob plate is also a good choice. It includes rice, hummus, salad and a variety of freshly-grilled veggies with tasty seasoning. The veggies are grilled over a flame, and do not touch any surfaces used to cook meat. (They may automatically include a side of tatziki, which is not vegan.) Don’t miss their delicious vegan sides like tabouli salad and dolmas.

Amigos de Acapulco – Chico
820 Oroville Ave
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 898-8488

Vegan-friendly, but not clearly labeled. Located near Chico Natural Foods, with another location in Paradise. Their rice and beans are vegan. Their salsa is delicious without being too reliant on spicy heat. The tacos “especiales” are good–made with the veggies that are simmered in a big pot of delicious soupyness that looks and smells like something from mom’s kitchen.

Aonami Sustainable Sushi
128 W Second St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 924-3168

Vegan menu choices are all clearly labeled; miso soup is mushroom-broth based and is always vegan; tempura batter is vegan. There are weekly specials, many of which are vegan – so be sure to ask what’s cooking. (You might want to try the off-menu “Megan roll” or the “Toube roll” (“Toube” is pronounced like “Toby”).) Portion sizes and price are excellent. Mention this page or Chico Vegan Meetup and get a smile from Jimmy, the owner. $12 Tofu Tuesday offers a great price for a big tofu-based meal – miso soup, “Tofu Q”, inari and a tofu-based roll. 

Bacio Catering and Carryout
1903 Park Ave
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 345-7787

Seasonal vegan-friendly to-go and business takeout lunch menu offering up salads and grilled tofu on many of their sides and salads, but, sadly, no vegan desserts. The “Biz Box” concept allows for quality vegan options for your next moderately uncomfortable group lunch at work, family, or school. Also sadly, they do not offer ready-made vegan sandwiches or ready-made vegan main dishes, but they do offer plenty of vegan sides. [As of 8/2017.]

132 W 2nd St.
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 895-9670

Vegan-friendly menu offering up unremarkable portabella burgers and vegan steak-cut fries. As of mid-2017, they are carrying the Impossible Burger. They carry vegan buns, but if they run out they sometimes default to serving the burger on a lettuce “bun”. However, you can request vegan bread in place of the vegan bun (if they are out). Nice dark ambiance and selection of brews. Beware of the mushrooms as an add-on; they are inextricably and inexplicably fried in butter. [As of 1/2018.]

Beatniks Coffee House
1387 E 8th St.
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 894-2800

Assemble your breakfast from the sides menu – veggie hash, home fries, steamed greens, and a fruit bowl. There is a tasty vegan breakfast burrito on the menu with tofu, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, yellow squash, spinach, and tomatoes. They also offer breakfast cookies that are vegan and gluten free, which contain bananas, peanut butter, cranberries, coconut, almonds, semisweet chocolate chips and oats. Double check that they haven’t included white chocolate chips (which are almost always non-vegan). Be sure to tell server you are vegan.

They also offer a vegan scramble (the Costello). Roasted cauliflower, seasoned tofu, mushrooms, capers, red onions, green chilies, spinach, and roasted yams. Topped with salsa and avocado. Served with potatoes. Currently all the toast options besides the wheat (has honey) and gluten-free option are vegan friendly. Double check with server and have them check–sometimes the bread is different if they have run out and are using a replacement.

Blackbird Books, Gallery, and Cafe
1431 Park Ave.
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 433-1577

Coffee, chai, and vegan baked goods served up in a converted Victorian house. Vegan almond milk is the default for beverages, but half-and-half is also available.

The place is cozy, and has a counter-cultural, anarchist theme–including a carefully curated bookstore, anti-establishment shirts and posters, and a selection of free zines and other materials. The cafe also regularly hosts workshops, meetings, live music, and other events. [As of 12/2019.]

Burban Kitchen
1925 Market Place (Meriam Park)
Chico CA 95928
(530) 399-0753

Burban Kitchen, run by Chef Ann Leon (of Leon Bistro fame) accommodates vegans with delicious roasted vegetable platters, soups, and vegan-friendly appetizers in a beautiful new space (opened in November 2019). Sadly, the menu is not vegan-friendly, so as at so many other restaurants in Chico, please advise your server that you are vegan and they will trot out some well-prepared dishes, but the menu is as meat-heavy as any steakhouse. As at the old Leon Bistro, Chef Leon offers a tasty vegan mousse for dessert. [As of 12/2019.]

Burgers and Brew
301 Broadway
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 879-9100

Ask for the vegan menu and chow down on their three vegan burger choices: the Impossible Burger (sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato onions and chipotle-garlic Vegenaise–ask for mushrooms if that’s your thing), smoked tofu, and marinated portobello mushroom. The curly fries are good, as are the sweet potato fries, but are cooked in a shared fryer with other non-vegan menu items. They have vegan mayo on hand. This place is open till 3 am Thursday through Saturday and regular hours the rest of the week. [As of 1/2019.]

Brooklyn Bridge Bagel
117 W. 2nd St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 345-3443

Vegan-friendly, but not clearly labeled. No egg wash, no dough conditioners. Flavors with “cheese” or “cheesy” in the name are not vegan, the rest are vegan. Look for the discounted $1/bag deals at the end of their business day around 1 or 2 p.m. The side potatoes are vegan as well. Sadly, they don’t have any vegan schmears or vegan cream cheese; you’ll have to get a dry bagel and load it up at home. [As of 1/2019.]

Burger Hut
3211 Cohasset Road
Chico CA 95973
(530) 342-4555

Burger Hut
2451 Forest Ave
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 891-1430

Local chain of made to order burger joints where you add your own tomatoes, onion, lettuce and other condiments. They offer a vegan Beyond Burger on a vegan bun.

Cafe Coda
265 Humboldt Ave
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 566-9476

Vegan-friendly, with a clearly labeled vegan menu, a rarity in Chico. Be sure to tell the servers that you are vegan and they will know how to accommodate you. Very busy on the weekend, so be prepared to wait for a table.

Cafe Petra
163 E. 2nd St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 717-6789

Mediterranean restaurant with vegan and vegetarian options. Vegan community members rave about the delicious food and the warm, attentive service. Favorites include the pitas, hummus, and dolmas. Be aware the the hummus includes a drizzle of tzatziki dressing (made with dairy yogurt), but can be ordered without.

Chico Natural Foods Cooperative
818 Main St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 891-1713

Vegan-friendly, but not always clearly labeled. The hot bar usually has one or two vegan options. Some staff are disdainful of veganism, some are great about it.

Chipotle Mexican Grill – Chico
620 Mangrove Ave
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 343-8707

1960 E 20th St #100
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 879-1623

Black beans, pinto beans, tofu sofritas, and guacamole are vegan. This listing is also on the fast food page.

Cocodine Thai Cuisine
2485 Notre Dame Bl, Suite 250 (Raley’s Shopping Center)
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 891-1800

Vegan-friendly, but not clearly labeled. They offer a a really nice vegan spinach wrap appetizer that is unique and delicious — it is a big plate with spinach leaves that you fill with items from the rest of the plate, including small chunks of tofu and ginger, and dip in a sweet sauce.  Try the eggplant and tofu dish and the spicy fried rice (good). As with all non-vegan restaurants, it’s important to identify that you are vegan and that you need to have the non-vegan ingredients and condiments omitted.

The curries are not vegan, because the commercial pastes that are used here contain fish, oyster, or shrimp extracts. Be aware that well-intentioned staff might say that that the curries are vegan because they do not add fish, oyster, or shrimp-based sauce, but at that point, it’s too late, because their base ingredients contain animal products. [As of 6/2019.]

Coffee Ranch
1288 E. 1st Ave. Suite 100
Chico, California 95926
(530) 809-9338

Limited vegan options but try the veggie mix salad with either the balsamic or cilantro lemon dressing. Soy, almond, and coconut milk options. [As of 1/2019.]l

Cookie Shoppe
1600 Mangrove Ave
Chico, California 95926
(530) 899-3385

Local cookie shoppe with a standard menu of fresh-baked cookies. The following limited flavors are vegan: Russian tea cake, Mexican wedding cake, raspberry jam tea cake, apricot jam tea cake (you get the picture… tea cakes = vegan). [As of 1/2019.]

Crazy Dog – Hot Dog Cart
W 1st St & Ivy St
Chico, CA 95928

Hot dog cart that offers vegan Tofurky Beer Brats.

319 Main Street
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 892-2473

Downstair bar/pool hall/music venue with vegan options, including housemade vegan burgers, vegan saucy poutine, cheesy fries, vegan cauliflower hot wings and more. Open seven days a week till late at night.  [As of 12/2019.]

Drunken Dumpling Food Truck
Location Varies
(530) 282-2038
Clearly labeled vegan options at food trucks is rare; delicious vegan options at Chico-area food trucks is even rarer, so the Drunken Dumpling is a standout amongst the many well-intentioned but ultimately mediocre vegan options at our local food trucks. Currently on the menu is the Vegan Mary – a vegan steamed bao filled with marinated tofu and some crunchy fresh veggies, topped with a delicious hoisin sauce. For an additional charge, you can load up your bao with some of the Drunken Dumpling’s housemade vegan kimchi (no fish sauce!). The owner has indicated that he will develop vegan BBQ sauces as well, being surprisingly aware that anchovies are a common ingredient in commercial Worcestershire sauce.  Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to found out where they’re setting up for the day. And tell them that Chico Vegan sent you! [As of 12/2019.]

Farm Star Pizza
2359 The Esplanade
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 343-2056

Ask for vegan cheese (Daiya). Regular crust is vegan; it is made of organic wheat flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, olive oil, sea salt, and filtered water and is excellent.  They also can make a vegan calzone with Daiya cheese, veggies and marinara with basil, be sure to ask them to hold the ricotta. The gluten-free crust is not vegan. [As of 1/2019.]

The Foodie Cafe
999 Marauder Street
Chico CA 95973
(530) 433-5539

Lunch and dinner restaurant in the airport area, with a separate veg menu with several vegan options including vegan salads, sandwiches, and burgers. They also offer a vegan French onion grilled cheese and a jackfruit pulled pork BBQ sandwich. [As of 12/2019.]

Fresh Twisted Cafe (formerly known as Hernandez Farms)

Although this page is not in the business of posting negative reviews of restaurants with vegan options, Fresh Twisted has made mistakes on multiple occasions with serving animal products on vegan orders, such as putting beef patties on vegan burgers. If you notice the mistake, they refund your money, of course, but if their systems cannot reliably fulfill vegan orders, that shows a lack of respect for their vegan customers and makes them even worse than a non-vegan restaurant. In 2019 several members of local Chico vegan groups reported adverse experiences at this cafe, indicating persistent service and back of house issues.  [As of 12/2019.]

Gen Kai
605 Mangrove Ave, Suite 180
Chico, California
(530) 891-3570

Fairly popular Japanese restaurant. They have a small section of vegetarian rolls on their menu, including a nice selection of pickled veggie sushi. They also offer an off-menu fried tofu (ask for agedashi tofu). Their miso soup is not vegan and the tempura batter is made with eggs. Sadly, miso soup at most Japanese restaurants typically is flavored with bonito (tuna) flakes, often from a packaged mix. [As of 1/2018.]

Gogi’s Cafe
230 Salem St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 891-3570

Simple, fast, tasty Indian food. Let the staff know that you are vegan and they will happily point you to the vegan choices for the day… which often includes about half of the items! Samosas, chana masala, dal, aloo gobi, mirch masala, and other vegetable-based dishes are usually on the menu. They sometimes have a tofu or soy “meat” dish as well and will happily whip up a vegan mango lassi for you. In September 2017 they started offering vegan naan as well, which is kind of jaw-droppingly amazing for an Indian restaurant. They host a weekly open-mic night on Tuesdays. [As of 10/2017.]

Gordo Burrito – Taco Truck
Park and 20th St / Cypress and 8th St / 1295 E. 8th St (dine-in/next to Valero Gas Station Market)
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 809-1211

Vegan-friendly menu, but not clearly labeled. These are two taco trucks and a restaurant run by the same family. Good old standard bean burrito. The beans are vegan, sadly, the rice is not. Dine-in location offers complimentary salsas, escabeche, and spicy pickled carrots. [As of 8/2017.]

198 E 2nd St
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 809-2304

Vegan-friendly, upon request. They offer vegan specials that include seared tofu ‘”steaks,” sauteed maitake with seasonal veggies, and other changing vegan entrees. Also serves excellent flatbread and hummus, a roasted cauliflower bowl (with olive oil, lemon, and capers), and an excellent arugula salad with roasted tomatoes on top of flatbread. Also excellent is their ‘green’ pizza (specify no feta cheese). Other options include a beet and romaine salad with candied almonds (again, specify no cheese) and an appetizer that consists of olives, roasted garlic and local almonds in seasoned olive oil.

The Handle Bar
2070 E. 20th St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 894-2337

The Impossible Burger and the vegan portabella muffaleta with savory olive tapenade are two options at this vegan-friendly place. Daiya brand vegan Swiss cheese can be added on for an extra charge. They have Vegenaise as well. Note there is an extra charge for the Impossible Burger. [As of 7/2018.]

Hula’s Chinese Bar-B-Q
1937 E. 20th St.
12540 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 342-8564 and 342-6304

Casual, all-you-can eat Mongolian-Style BBQ spot. Have fun building your own tasty bowl of food! The rice, veggies, noodles and tofu are vegan, and there are plenty of tasty sauces to choose from. The chefs will gladly clean the grill before cooking vegetarian foods–just ask! [As of 10/2019.]

Ike’s Place
648 W 5th St (corner of Fifth and Ivy)
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 924-3171

Vegan-friendly menu, with many veganizable hot and cold vegetarian sandwiches. A good one to try is the Vegan Meatless Mike, which has marinara, Daiya mozzarella shreds, and vegan meatballs. Another good option is the James and the Giant Peach, which features a vegan fried chicken patty, cheese, and Ike’s yellow BBQ sauce. Their Dutch crunch and sourdough breads are vegan; the others may have honey or dairy in them. They also have a basic vegan burger (the King’s Hawaiian sweet roll that it is served with are not vegan (whey, eggs, butter, etc.), so swap it out for a Dutch crunch or sourdough roll) and vegan seasoned air fries. They can also make any combo listed on their  main website.

Izakaya Ichiban
2000 Notre Dame Blvd, Ste 100
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 342-8500

Japanese restaurant offering sushi and many cooked Japanese dishes, such as Japanese-style curry, tempura, noodles. They offer a “Vegetarian Plate” on the menu, featuring five pieces of simple vegetable sushi and one mixed vegetable roll. The miso soup is variously reported as vegan and also not vegan, but likely is not vegan since it is prepared from a mix. Further investigation is needed. [As of 10/2017.]

Kwando Chinese Buffet
740 Mangrove Ave
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 343-6788

Vegan-friendly upon speaking with staff. For instance, they made a nice cucumber-avocado-tofu rolls upon special request.  If you speak with the chef when you arrive, they will advise you of the vegan options, or create something for you. Certainly there are easier places to get vegan food in Chico (see: this list), but sometimes you have to go where your family or co-workers decides! [As of 7/2018.]

La Cocina Economica
905 Wall St
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 809-0370

Vegan-friendly menu, but not clearly labeled. The refries and black beans are vegan (yay), as is the guacamole. Sadly, the rice is not vegan — it is made with chicken broth powder. They variably advise the customers that the rice is vegan or not vegan, but unless they come out with clear labeling on their menu, it is hard to have confidence that the rice is vegan. A good alternative is to order their sopes with tofu, hold the cheese, add lettuce, tomatoes, and avocado slices, with a side of refries and black beans. Delicious!! (Sopes are English-muffin-sized pieces of cornmeal (masa) that are fried on each side.) The tofu was heated on the grill, but wasn’t well-seasoned. There was enough seasoning in the other ingredients, so that is not a big deal. Tofu can be subbed in any of the menu items, so you can try a tofu huevos scramble, a tofu enchilada (the enchilada sauce is vegan), a taco plate, and a nacho plate. You can also add fajitas to anything. As with so many restaurants in Chico, be sure to remind the server that you are vegan and to leave off the cheese.

La Flor De Michoacan Paleteria y Neveria
1008 West Sacramento Ave
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 893-9999

1354 East Ave (Safeway Shopping Center)
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 774-2219

668 Mangrove Avenue (Safeway Shopping Center)
Chico, CA 95926

Vegan-friendly scoops, paletas (popsicles), and fruit-based cold drinks, but feel free to ask server to confirm which frozen goodies are water-based (=non-dairy). The water-based items are clearly marked in bold on the takeaway menu. The only ice creams that are vegan are the mango and mango-chamoy (chamoy are those salty-sweet mango candies — they mix these in with the mango pulp) flavors; the other “water-based” neveria have 5% milk in them. . On the drink side, there are some unusual non-dairy choices – alfalfa, jamaica (hibiscus), lime, mango, peach, and pineapple. Combine a scoop of fruity goodness with a fruity drink and end up with a delicious smoothie. They also offer freshly squeezed juices. [As of 07/2018.]

The Lab Bar and Grill Bistro
250 Cohasset
Chico CA 95926
(530) 487-8565

Vegan-friendly, clearly labeled menu at this low-key eatery featuring a full bar and taproom. Some of its vegan entree options: Lab burger (Impossible Burger) (hold the mayo, add their vegan special sauce), vegan soft tacos (vegan Garden Burger), portobello mushroom tacos, veggie sandwich, hummus plate, falafel, vegan grilled cheese, and for sides they have fries and tater tots. Vegan burgers are cooked on a separate part of the grill. [As of 12/2019.]

Leon Bistro
817 Main St
Chico CA 95928

This is an upscale, vegan-friendly restaurant. Their menu focuses on local and seasonal foods They have supported the vegan community by offering a special vegan dinner night and a vegan cooking class (back in Spring 2014), and may offer similar events in the future.

Although much of the menu is heavy on local/organic meat dishes (which some people may find off-putting) it does include some vegan and vegetarian items. As of mid-2017, their menu includes the Impossible Burger, a meaty vegan burger. The chef has also been known to provide special off-menu items for their vegan diners.

The food is very tasty and artfully presented, and filling enough that you may need to take leftovers…but be sure to leave room for dessert!

Live Life Juice Company
220 Broadway St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 566-3346

Serves up cold-pressed juices of many types, and all their grab-and-go refrigerated offerings are alway organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Their grab-and-go packaged offerings include cashew parfaits, raw pies, zucchini noodle bowls, and kale Caesar salads. Some smoothies contain honey, but this is clearly labeled. Many of their drinks are sweetened with agave. The store is locally owned by a trio of smart sisters. They offer free delivery on orders over $40.  [As of 5/2019.]

Lovely Layers Cakery
131 Meyers St, Ste 120
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 828-9931

Consistently offer gluten-free and vegan cupcakes – very cute decorations, interesting (and tasty!) flavor combinations. They also offer coffee beverages and vegan smoothies, and occasionally have vegan cookies. Custom-ordered vegan cupcakes are available.

As of mid-2017, they have stopped making vegan and (gluten-free) full-sized cakes, but they will still create custom-order vegan cupcakes… and generally offer at least one vegan (and gluten free) variety for sale over-the-counter.

Lucky Poke
119 W 2nd St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 487-7048

Serves up delicious poke bowls. Poke is deconstructed sushi. It comes in a bowl and you “build” it to your liking with components, starting with a base (sushi rice, brown rice, quinoa, salad or a mix of those), then moving on to protein (plain diced tofu or roasted beets), then a sauce (all sauces are vegan and have different flavor profiles), then adding sides and toppings like avocado, onion, seaweed salad, cucumber, pickled onion or jalapeno, edamame, and then a variety of sprinkle toppings. Some of the sides and toppings are not vegan, such as the masago (fish eggs/roe) and the crab salad. The spicy miso sauce is vegan. Your poke bowl is made following an open line, so diners can see exactly what is going into their dish. This restaurant is owned by Jimmy Lee, the same chef who started Aonami Sustainable Sushi, so they are very vegan-aware. Diners will get the same delicious flavors at a much more wallet-friendly price point.   [As of 1/2018.]

Marketplace Cafe at the CSU Chico BMU
400 W 1st St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 898-4696

The Marketplace is located inside the Bell Memorial Union (BMU) on the CSU Chico campus. There are several food stations to choose from. They are closed on weekends. BREAKFAST (made to order, 7am-10am): Steel-cut oats, add-in options include dried cranberries, walnuts and/or brown sugar; seasonal fresh fruit cup; hash browns.

LUNCH (11am-3pm, get there by 2:00 pm (they sell out): Stations include (1) Chinese Food – tofu veggie entree; steamed white rice; steamed veggies (cabbage/broc/carrots), (2) Salad bar (you pick, they build), many options, including garbanzo, kidney, edamame beans and tofu, (3) Burrito/Taco Bar – spanish rice and both pinto and black bean options are vegan, (4) Sushi Bar – Ginger-teriyaki “sushirrito” with seasoned tofu cutlet, avocado, cucumber, jicama, red and green cabbage, julienned carrots, daikon sprouts, green onions, teriyaki sauce, nori sheet, sushi rice, (5)Soup bar – vegan chili always available, other vegan soup options, ingredients always listed on board above soup. Assorted grab and go snacks with many vegan options, including plant-based milks.

230 W 3rd St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 487-7488

Momona is a noodle and bao restaurant located in downtown Chico. They offer a menu with clearly marked vegan options (look for the V+ indicator). The tofu add-in for the bowls includes a tasty hoisin sauce. In addition to tofu, they offer sauteed oyster mushrooms as a protein option for both rice and noodle bowls. Their mushroom bao is vegan and delicious, but be sure to ask for the vegan bun. The price of a meal here ratchets up with every topping, and some toppings are puzzling, such as charging $0.50 for a spritz of sriracha. [As of 12/2019.]

MOD Pizza
851 East Ave, Ste 150
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 636-4862

MOD is a pizza and salad place with beer and wine, conveniently located next to the movie theatre and Trader Joe’s. This is a make-to-order pizza place with vegan crusts, vegan cheese and vegan red sauce (as well as BBQ). The gluten-free crust is NOT vegan. You choose your crust, then go down the line and add whatever sauces/toppings/herbs you want, all for a single price. When the pizza is done, you can choose to finish it with a number of sauces. [As of 10/2017.]

Mountain Mike’s Pizza
1722 Mangrove Ave
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 893-1923

1105 W 5th St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 899-9115

Basic pizza joint with a salad bar. They make their dough in-house from a special Mountain Mike’s mix, which is vegan. Their tomato-based pizza sauce is also vegan. Put the two together and you have a basic, no-frills vegan pizza. They do not have vegan cheese on-hand, but if you bring your own, they will gladly put it on your pizza for you. On the salad bar, only the low-fat/no-fat Italian dressing is vegan.

New Earth Market
864 East Avenue (map)
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 673-9355
Hours: Mon-Sat 7am-9pm, Sun 8am–8pm

Natural foods and vitamin store featuring an excellent selection of organic produce and many vegan specialty goods. The sandwich and burrito bar have vegan options and you can build your own sandwich with Tofurky slices or hummus. The hot bar and deli have vegan options which are haphazardly labeled vegan; sometimes they’re labeled, sometimes not. Ask the staff to be sure. They often have vegan biscuits and peppery gravy on the hot bar on the weekend; get there early or it will run out. On occasion non-vegan items have been labeled vegan. The Cali’Concept Kitchen pizzeria located in a corner of the store will make vegan pizzas to order from the Cali’flour company using Daiya mozzarella. [As of 1/2019.]

Noodle House
605 Mangrove Ave
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 345-2022

Vegan-friendly menu, but not clearly labeled. Happily, the entire section labeled “Vegetarian Special” is actually vegan. The A4 vegetarian crunch roll appetizer is vegan (classic Vietnamese spring roll). The noodle soup is passable, especially given Chico’s limited soup options.

OM Foods
142 Broadway
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 965-5263

Vegan-friendly, clearly labeled. Serves up a terrific range of vegan foods from a cute little restaurant in downtown Chico. Menu includes tempeh burgers, loaded Tofurky brats, wraps, soft tacos, vegan nachos made with homemade cashew cheese, brown rice and bean bowls, and many salads which are 100% vegan. OM Foods’ cream sauces are made from scratch with cashews or Follow Your Heart Vegenaise, and they are wonderfully generous with avocado on all their dishes. [As of 4/2018.]

Pageant Theatre
351 E 6th St
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 343-0663

ABC cookies, Blue Sky natural sodas, organic popcorn, and Earth Balance for your popcorn (no more mysterious ‘butter topping’. It’s a pretty great little movie theatre. [As of 4/2018.]

Parkside Tap House
115 W 3rd St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 636-4239

Vegan-friendly, but not clearly labeled at all. They offer sweet potato fries and will sub the Impossible Burger on their house burgers, which is veganizable with the usual tweaks. The Brussels Sprout appetizer sans prosciutto is well-prepared.

Peeking Chinese
243 W 2nd St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 895-3888

Ask for the vegetarian menu and remind the server that you don’t want chicken broth. Broccoli with garlic sauce is excellent–beautiful, tasty broccoli. The choices on the vegetarian menu feature Asian faux meats based on seitan and soy.  Many people enjoy the vegan seaweed soup from the vegetarian menu, but other people dislike it.

2574 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95929
(530) 899-1055

Many vegan Indian options, such as chana masala and dal, but also idli, dhosa, and rasam. Let the server know that you are vegan, non-dairy and he or she will direct you to the vegan options on the menu or on the very affordable lunch buffet. The naan is not vegan (made with yogurt), but they usually sub parathas at no extra charge. Double check the condiments; one or two of them have yogurt or dairy in them. Many find the food filling and good, but some report that it tastes salty or greasy. Sadly, the desserts are not vegan, but there is usually a half-hearted whole fruit option.

Ready Chef G0 / Unwined at 980
980 Mangrove Ave
Chico, CA 95926
Ready Chef Go (530) 893-2433 / Unwind (530) 809-2634

This is two concepts in one building so they will be co-reviewed. They offer similar hours, but not exactly the same, so check the links.

Unwined at 980 is a sit-down restaurant with a limited menu created from local, in-season items. Because the menu is always changing, there are no specific item recommendations. The menu is vegan-friendly, but, sadly, not clearly labeled.  The servers and/or kitchen staff are knowledgeable about the ingredients, so feel free to inquire! In general, if an item looks vegan, it is, and it if looks vegetarian, it is. Most items that were vegetarian could be modified to be vegan by asking to have the cheese left off. Half of the appetizers were vegan and all of the salads were easily veganized by asking for no cheese.  Sadly, they did not have a main dish that was vegetarian/vegan or even easily veganized. However, the kitchen is responsive to requests for vegan entrees. In one case the owner stepped in and had the kitchen prepare the “nutloaf” that is usually served on the Ready Chef go side. It turned out to be very good, so perhaps they will add this to the regular menu on the Unwined side of things. In this case, the team at Unwind did not make me feel uncomfortable for making special requests and asking lots of questions.

Ready Chef Go is co-located with Unwind. Its main draw is a great salad bar that includes crumbled vegan “nutloaf,” local beans, local wild rice, local produce, and many options to make a well-rounded, delicious vegan salad. They also have ready-made entrees in a case to take home and a deli with many pre-made or ready-to-heat items in it. As with so many places, they have basically zero vegan desserts. Sadly, most of the pre-made items are NOT vegan. The vegetarian wraps and sandwiches on the menus cannot be altered to vegan because they are pre-made. About 50% of the deli salads are vegan.

Because the restaurants are co-located, they intermix menu items and change the menu frequently. The executive chef develops the menu for both sides and is (currently) very knowledgeable about vegan food and promises to make sure there are vegan options in the future as well as some gluten-free ones. Both Ready Chef Go and Unwind at 980 offer high-quality ingredients, nice ambiance, and friendly and knowledgeable staff. The cases are restocked on Sunday night so Monday is the best day to show up for the biggest selection.

Red Tavern
2804 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 894-3463

Vegan-friendly upscale dining with changing off-menu vegan specials featuring well-prepared and presented small plate seasonal local veggies, tofu, and occasional specials such as jambalaya, maitake, and other interesting entrees. Also open for brunch with similar menu items. Servers are helpful in navigating the menu to find vegan workarounds for most items on the menu. [As of 1/2019.]

Rice Bowl
1250 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 899-9098

Vegan-friendly, but not clearly labeled at all. Be sure to specify that you are a strict vegetarian, no eggs, no fish, no fish sauce, oyster sauce or chicken broth. They have a tasty chicken-like seitan that they will substitute for the meat on any entree (extra charge). The place is clean and great for large groups. They have a Japanese menu that I have never ordered from.

S&S Organic Produce and Natural Food Store – BBQ and Deli
1924 Mangrove Ave
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 343-4930

Vegan-friendly, sort of. S&S is a natural foods store paired with a rather unappetizing butcher shop at one end, but if you can get past that, the store has a good selection of vegan products and a well-stocked health and beauty section. They have a made to order deli with two vegan sandwiches, “Spiced Tofu and Avocado” (be sure to ask for Vegenaise) and good old PB&J. There are two cheese-based “veggie” sandwiches (aka salad on a roll) which can be veganized by omitting the cheese and subbing Vegenaise for regular mayo. On the BBQ side they have the standard fresh-grilled portabella sandwich, but no vegan burger or hot dog option. There’s also a decent salad bar IN the butcher shop (!), but since that’s rather beyond my ability to ignore reality, I haven’t ever made a salad there. [Please use the “contact” link to give me your salad bar report!]

Shubert’s Ice Cream and Candy Shop
178 E 7th St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 342-7163

This old-time ice cream and candy shop finally became vegan-friendly by offering a non-dairy mango sorbet (by non-dairy, they mean vegan) and coconut-based ice cream. Even its cones (cake, waffle, and sugar) are accidentally vegan (Joy Cone brand). They also use Hershey’s chocolate syrup, which is accidentally vegan as well. Finally, vegans get to enjoy an old Chico tradition, one that Chico dogs have been enjoying for years. [As of 06/2019.]

Sierra Nevada Taproom and Restaurant
1075 E 20th St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 345-2739

This place frustrates Chico vegans no end. But at least the beer is vegan (made with “Irish moss” instead of isinglass (which is fish bladder)).  Sierra Nevada changes its menus at the drop of a hat, but they usually have something vegan-ish. Sorry not to be more informative, but the menu here is always changing and although they get high marks for sustainability, energy efficiency and great beer, Sierra Nevada doesn’t understand or honor the concept that a vegan diet is an excellent way to be ethical and sustainable at the same time. Who knows whether there will be anything vegan on the menu next week… [As of 01/2019.]

Sin of Cortez
2290 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 879-9200

This restaurant should be way more vegan-friendly than it actually is — they have an unfortunate and unnecessary habit of using butter in their potatoes and sautéed vegetables – so for a simple dish like papas locos – here are the adjustments to ask for: “add tofu or soy chorizo, remove cheese and sour cream and cook potatoes in olive oil instead of dairy-based margarine”. Sadly, their vegan-sounding Buddha Bowl, another simple dish composed of “lemon grass, coconut milk, and miso broth with grilled shiitake mushrooms in ginger-soy sauce, pan-fried noodles, bean sprouts, cilantro and green onion with a side of garlic chili paste, orange chili oil and fresh lime wedges” has the unfortunate attribute of fish-based lemongrass paste. [As of 12/2019.]

Sol Mexican Grill
3269 Esplanade
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 342-4616

Vegans dining at this place need to proceed with caution because Sol’s hot salsa has chicken broth in it. (Why does a restaurant do this?!) Additionally, the rice is made with chicken broth. (Again, why?)  They offer a great little enchilada with a side of refries and black beans, which are made with canola oil. They make fresh-cut skinny fries from scratch. The deep fryer for the fries is used to deep fry chimichangas and other items (but not fish). Tofu is available as a protein option and fajita veggies can be added to just about anything. The guacamole is vegan. As with almost all restaurants in Chico, inform your server that you are vegan; if you fail to do that here, cheese might be unhelpfully sprinkled over your beans. Do not expect your server to let you know that there is chicken broth in the salsa. They serve water in plastic reusable cups, instead of the foam or one-time use plastic cups that other places favor.

Sushi Burrito King
101-169 Cohasset Rd
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 892-8688

Menu is not clearly labeled, but this former Dairy Queen Drive Through fast fusion joint offers three veggie burritos that are vegan: the Veggie Protein, the BLT (bean curd (tofu), lettuce, tomato), and the Veggie Mixed Greens. All of their flavored teas are vegan. Their milk teas are dairy-based, with no plant milks available. They also offer vegan veggie rolls and veggie sides. Nothing is labeled vegan but almost everything vegan is clearly vegan is as they list ingredients for burritos and rolls in their menu. Don’t be fooled by the unattractive exterior. [As of 12/2019.]

T-Bar Fusion Café
250 Vallombrosa Ave
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 895-8100

555 Flying V St #1
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 809-1545

Vegan-friendly menu, but not clearly labeled. The bowls and wraps are good. The wasabi-ginger dressing is a good vegan choice for your bowl or wrap. The ginger tofu is delicious!

Be aware of four things: (1) the servers are using a reference guide which classifies drinks which include casein (a dairy milk protein) as “dairy free”. They may mistakenly identify these drinks as vegan. For instance, the “Frosts” are “dairy-free”, but not vegan: the base has casein. So, avoid the Chico Chai Frost and similar drinks. (2) There is casein (a dairy milk protein) in the chai powder mix that they use as a base for many drinks. This means that in addition to things like the Chico Chai Frost (above) not being vegan, a simple order like chai black tea and vanilla with soy milk from their “Steam Me” menu also is not vegan. (3) The naan contains dairy and is not vegan, though well-intentioned servers will advise guests that it is vegan. (4) Finally, the restaurant uses seasoned miso mixes as the base for several miso applications, such as in the miso salad dressing. The miso mix that the restaurant uses contains fish, which means that even a simple recipe like the miso soup and “low-cal miso salad dressing” are not vegan.  [As of 10/2018.]

Tacos “Mary”
429 Ivy St (Fifth and Ivy)
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 892-8176

Vegan-friendly menu. Individual items are not clearly labeled, but there is signage saying their beans and rice are vegan. Really good Mexican takeout (a bit greasy with huge portions) with super late-night hours–open till 3 am. Be sure to confirm your order when you pick it up, even for in-house service — they have been known to make errors.  [As of 7/2018.]

Tender Loving Coffee
365 E. 6th St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 433-0414

Small cafe with house-roasted coffee, featuring a separate vegan lunch menu with pizza, soft tacos, and other vegan items. In January 2019 they also started offering vegan brunch on Sunday with vegan omelets and scrambles made with Just Egg, as well as French toast, chorizo, and sausage and tofu sandwich, and other seasonal vegan options. [As of 1/2019.]

Thai Express Chico
305 Nord Ave
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 898-8424

Standard Thai take-out. Just order your entrees and specify tofu, no fish or oyster sauce. The green curry with tofu and the tofu with peanut sauce appetizer is a hit. Very vegan-aware! [As of 1/2019.]

Tin Roof Bakery
627 Broadway
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 892-2893

Ordinary sandwich shop with an excellent bakery for bread; not so great for vegan items except for the occasional vegan scones. They offer simple salad in a sandwich vegan sandwiches and also some vegan-friendly made-to-order salads. As a vegan I don’t feel particularly welcome at this cafe. [As of 12/2019.]

Tong Fong Low
2072 E. 20th St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 898-1388

Standard Chinese fare: vegetable chop suey, vegetable chow fun, orange-fried tofu, garlic eggplant, broccoli with garlic sauce,General Tso’s Tofu, garlic broccoli, and kung pao tofu are all good bets. You can get their veggie fried rice with no egg. And…their “egg” rolls are actually vegan. The wrappers they use aren’t actually made with egg. Fast service. Their soups are not vegan, despite being listed as vegetarian. Do not expect your server to let you know that there is chicken broth in the soup. The soups contain a chicken flavoring powder that is not vegan. In particular, be wary of the Shanghai Wonton Soup, which is misleadingly listed as “no meat.” Sadly, the chow mein noodles have egg in them.  As with most Chinese restaurants, it’s smart to ask whether a dish includes eggs.  [As of January 2018.]

Unwined at 980 / Ready Chef G0
See the listing above under “Ready Chef Go.”

Weiner Man (hot dog cart)
2nd St and Broadway

Chico, CA 95928Mostly late-night hot dog cart which offers vegan (Tofurky) sausage and a wide selection of condiments. Parks in front of Chase bank on Friday and Saturday nights. Look for the rainbow umbrella!

Wine Time
26 Lost Dutchman Dr
Chico, CA 95973
(530) 899-9250

Wine Time is a small plates restaurant specializing in seasonal dishes made with local ingredients. Vegans are made to feel welcome here! Their menu is vegan-friendly and clearly labeled, with many vegan or veganizable options on the menu at any given time. Here are some of the vegan options chile verde, curried veggies, French onion soup, butternut apple soup, purple potato medley with butternut garlic aioli, lasagne rolls, vegan Caesar salad, black bean and banana empanadas, and for dessert a lovely mocha cashew chilled cheesecake. [As of 12/2019.]

Woodstock’s Pizza
240 Main St
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 893-1500

Vegan-friendly menu, but not clearly labeled. Regular, thick, and gluten-free crusts are all vegan (and all tasty)! Extra charge for Daiya cheese. They have a great two-for-Tuesday deal where you can get two large or two extra large pizzas for the price of one.

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