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Chico Vegans: Take Action Now to End Circus Cruelty in California

Hello Chico Vegans!

If you can, please act to help with this upcoming animal welfare legislation 

SB 313, the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act that would ban the use of animals in circuses in California, with the exception of domestic dogs, cats and horses, passed the California Senate!

The bill, sponsored by Senator Ben Hueso, is now in the state Assembly and we can help to ensure passage of this important bill.

A hearing has been scheduled for SB 313 in the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks, and Wildlife on June 18, 2019.

Please take a moment to CALL Assemblyman James Gallagher THIS WEEK, and follow it up with an email at this link – https://lcmspubcontact.lc.ca.gov/PublicLCMS/ContactPopup.php?district=AD03.

When calling, simply state your name, where you live, and that you are urging Assemblyman Gallagher to support SB 313, the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act. It’s that easy! You won’t need to have a conversation, I promise.

Thanks for caring about the animals.

Here’s a sample email:

Dear Assemblymember Gallagher:

As your constituent, I urge you to vote yes on SB 313, the Circus Cruelty Prevention Act, to end the use of animals in circuses, except for horses, cats and dogs.In circuses, animals are often forced to perform under threat of painful punishment, confined in cramped cages and crates as they are transported from show to show, and generally deprived of all that is natural to them.

Please ensure that California joins New Jersey and Hawaii, states that already ban the use of wild animals in circuses and traveling shows, by supporting this important bill. Thank you!