August 2016 – Potluck

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chico Public Library


Bring a 100% plant-based dish free of flesh, eggs, animal-derived dairy, honey, and gelatin. If you don’t cook, that’s okay — bring something from the store! Your dish should serve 6 people.

Before I get to this month’s theme, I wanted to let people know that these potlucks are popular! Our average potluck attendance is about 25 people, because we get many people from the Chico Vegan Meetup Facebook group, as well as from Chico Vegan Meetup.

The suggested theme of this month’s potluck is: FARMER’S MARKET FUN! Take a walk through one of our many Farmer’s Markets (or your own garden) or the ‘local’ section of your nearest market. No one’s going to be checking to see where you got your produce from! Then, think of a yummy vegan appetizer/snack, salad, entree or dessert that you fancy, make it, and share it!

If you’re not into cooking but just want to socialize, it’s fine to bring something yummy from the store.

People are also asked to bring their recipe or a list of all ingredients used (for the benefit of those with food allergies).

Please do not bring soup – we have no bowls and are concerned about spills.

Please bring your own beverages.

Please bring your own plates, cups, silverware, and serving utensils. We have spares available if you forget!

Non-veg friends welcome! Children welcome! Sorry, no dogs. No alcohol.

The Chico Vegan Potluck meets on the fourth Saturday of every month at 6:00 pm. Delicious food and recipes are shared with those who care about their health, the planet, and, most of all, the animals.

For more information or cruelty-free recipes, please visit or join Chico Vegan Meetup on Facebook.

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