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Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-11

Today’s show features special guest Allen Myers, Festival Director for the Earth Day Film Fest, which is happening this week March 12-19, 2020.

On Thursday March 12 – Watch out for “The Beaver Believers” by Sarah Koenigsberg, which screens on March 12 at The Gateway Science Museum. Free to the public, but registration highly suggested.

Theme: “Animals on the Edge” — Sunday March 15th – Pageant Theater – 1pm
“Stekenjokk and the Guardian of the Eggs,” a short documentary about egg poaching in a Swedish nature reserve, the criminal trade of egg collecting, and the humans who try to stand in the face of what is essentially organized nature crime.

“Queen Without Land,” a documentary of the four-year journey of a polar bear and her cubs and a Norwegian wildlife filmmaker — “this planet is home to all of us, can we afford to ignore it?”

Tune in or listen live online — every Wednesday from 5:30-6 pm on KZFR 90.1 FM.

‘It’s probable that most of the suffering and cruelty tied to the meat, dairy and egg industry arises from how the animals are raised rather than how they are killed.’
Erik Marcus, author of Meat Market

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Earth Day Film Fest

Regenerating Paradise

The Beaver Believers

Message from Paradise: Camp Fire-inspired Earth Day Film Festival
Chico News and Review – March 5, 2020

Airdate: 03/11/2020 / Episode 20-11

Vegan Pizza, Oh Yeah!

Pizza Riot – Chico’s first all vegan pizzeria
Grand Opening Weekend
Friday, March 6, 2020 and Saturday March 6, 2020
206 Walnut Street, Chico CA (Walnut and 2nd Street, across from Ray’s Liquor)
Closed on Sunday and Monday
Check website for menu and hours:

After serving up amazing vegan pizzas at pop-ups in Chico, PIZZA RIOT is finally ready to serve awesome vegan pizza to all of Chico from a brick and mortar store!

Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-10

On today’s show we’ll be covering a few news stories, leading with a profile of a vegan entrepreneur that we’ve covered on the show before – Christine Lagally, the mechanical engineer who left Boeing to found the plant-based chicken nugget company Rebellyous, followed by an analysis from Sentient Media on the impact that animal agriculture, specifically the cattle industry, has had on the Green New Deal. Then we’ll cover news from Los Angeles regarding animals in entertainment. We’ll close out the show with an analysis of the Australian bushfires impact on the dairy industry in Australia.

Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-09

On today’s show we’ll be covering a few news stories, leading with the anaerobic dairy digester fairy tale being funded by tax dollars, followed by news of the USDA releasing its facility inspection reports, and a new survey that shows that Americans are receptive to the idea of meat-free meals. We’ll end with a short David and Goliath story about a small vegan cheese company versus the California Department of Agriculture.

“The only creature on Earth whose natural habitat is a zoo is a zookeeper.”
― Karl Pilkington, British comedian, author, and actor.

The misbegotten promise of anaerobic digesters
by Jessica McKenzie
December 3, 2019

California awards $69.9 million for dairy digester projects
By California Department of Food and Agriculture
July 13, 2018

California Department of Food and Agriculture
Dairy Digester Research and Development Program – Program-Level Data
November 22, 2019

Operating Manure Digesters in California – 2013

After three years, USDA releases previously hidden animal cruelty records
By H. Claire Brown
February 18, 2020

94 Percent Of Americans Are Willing To Eat More Plant-based Foods, Yale Survey Finds
By Nicole Axworthy
February 23, 2020

Miyoko’s Kitchen sues California over plant-based product labeling rules
By Cathy Siegner
February 11, 2020

Cow’s Milk May Increase Risk for Breast Cancer
February 26, 2020

Airdate: 02/26/2020 / Episode 20-09

Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-08

On today’s show we have a wonderful guest — Sandy Doolittle, who is a local wildlife rehabilitator with the group Bidwell Wildlife Rehabilitation, a nonprofit organization based in the northstate and serving wild animals in Sutter, Yuba, Colusa, and Glenn Counties. Sandy has been a volunteer with Bidwell Wildlife Rehabilitation since 1974, is a founding member of the North Valley Animal Disaster Group, and of course has been an animal lover since birth.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of humankind.
-Mahatma Gandhi

Bidwell Wildlife Rehabilitation Facebook Page

BWR Annual Volunteer Orientation
Saturday February 22, 2020
11 am to 2 pm at the Chico Creek Nature Center

“Giving thanks to the helpers in the year after the Camp Fire” – CNR article about Sandy Doolittle!
November 28, 2019

Found an Animal? Here are some guidelines from Wildcare
Some wildlife may look orphaned or abandoned, but may not actually need your help. Don’t “kidnap” a wild animal!

Airdate: 02/19/2020 / Episode 20-08

Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-06

On today’s show we covered a few news stories, leading with an article from The Atlantic on soy and the topic of man boobs, followed by recent research on red meat and heart health, and we’ll end with three news pieces on animals impacted by disasters — companion animals in Wuhan, China, and two stories from Australia as that country starts to assess the damage from the bushfires.

“Is hunting really a sport if you have all the equipment and your opponent doesn’t know a game is going on? “
― Bill Maher, comedian, actor, and writer

Why Men Think Plant-Based Meat Will Turn Them Into Women
By James Hamblin, MD
February 4, 2020

Cleveland Clinic Studies Reveal Role of Red Meat in Gut Bacteria, Heart Disease Development
By The Cleveland Clinic
December 10, 2018

In virus-stricken Wuhan, animal lovers break into homes to save pets
By Lusha Zhang, Ryan Woo
February 3, 2020

Fears for wildlife as brumbies compete for reduced Kosciuszko grassland
By Peter Hannam
January 22, 2020

Kangaroo Island bushfire declared contained after weeks of active firefighting
By Emily Olle
January 20, 2020

Airdate: 02/05/2020 / Episode 20-06

Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-05

On today’s show we have a special guest interview with Ms. Tracy Mohr, founder of The Mustang Project, a nonprofit based in Northern California dedicated to providing sanctuary to the wild mustangs from the Sheldon Herd of Nevada that were removed as part of herd reduction, and then elimination, programs by the US Department of Fish and Wildlife.

We’ll talk about where the Mustang Project stands now and what the future brings — and how listeners can help.

We’ll end, as always, with the Chico Vegan calendar of events.
Tune in or listen live online — every Wednesday from 5:30-6 pm on KZFR 90.1 FM.

“But now ask the beasts and let them teach you, and the birds of the heavens and let them tell you.” — Job 12:7

The Mustang Project
Chico News & Review – 9/18/14:

Airdate: 01/29/2020 / Episode 20-05

Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-04

On today’s show we’ll be covering a few news stories, leading with a story on a proposal from Governor Gavin Newsom to make California a no-kill state, followed by a piece on poverty and pets from the Center for American Progress, followed by some news that Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has dropped its “Happy Cows” advertising claims. We’ll end with a piece on how to veganize recipes with some simple cooking substitutes.

Newsom Proposes $50M to Make California a ‘No Kill’ State for Shelter Animals
January 13, 2020

Poverty Forces People to Surrender Their Pets. It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way
February 4, 2019

Ben & Jerry’s Drops “Happy Cows” Claim After Deceptive Labeling Lawsuit
January 21, 2020

How To Make Any Recipe Vegan
By Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner…/…/09/how-to-make-any-recipe-vegan/…

Airdate: 01/22/2020 / Episode 20-04

Nonhuman Radio – Episode 20-03

On today’s show we’ll be covering a story on the poor oversight of tragic barn fires, followed by a piece on a different interpretation of the changes we are seeing in the dairy industry, and a vegan company that offers a hand up, not a hand out, to struggling farmers — doing what farmers should be doing, growing food to feed people, not to feed animals. We’ll end with a little fluff from the world of entertainment as award shows start to offer plant-based, vegan meals at their glitzy events.


“If a staunch meat-eater looks at your snack of fresh veggies and doesn’t have a ‘good for you!’ in them, there’s no reason to value their opinion.” — Natalie Hanson-Ross, Journalist

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At Least 2 Million Animals Killed in Barn Fires in US Since 2017 
By Jessica Scott-Reid
January 3, 2020

Plant-based milks aren’t the reason US dairies are struggling
By Chase Purdy
December 21, 2019

The Dairy Revolution: Vegan CEO Working to Help Dairy Farmers
By Samantha Skinazi
January 2020

Screen Actors Guild Is Latest Awards Show To Go Vegan 
By Anna Starostinetskaya
January 15, 2020

Airdate: 01/15/2020 / Episode 20-03

Nonhuman Radio Episode 20-02

On today’s show we covered a few news stories, leading with a new trend in corporate divestment — divestment from the livestock sector. That will be followed by news of proposed legislation by vegan Senator Cory Booker, and short piece on the history of milk overproduction in the United States from the activist group Switch4Good. We’ll end with some extraordinary good news by a very special, very long-lived wild king eider.


“Humans will always live with contradiction, but we can certainly try to minimize it. One way to do so simply, is to go vegan. It’s actually easier to just do that than to wrestle with the deep hypocrisy detailed so well so often. There’s real joy and peace–not to mention deliciousness and environmental respect–in the process.”
–Gretchen Primack, Poet

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After Taking on Coal and Oil, Climate Investors Target Meat Next
By Agnieszka de Sousa and Aine Quinn
December 13, 2019

Cory Booker Just Went All-In Against Factory Farming and the Meat Industry: The most famous vegan in politics unveils a bold new plan.
By Tom Philpott
December 16, 2019

The Twisted History Of Milk In America
October 30, 2019

Oldest Known King Eider Found 23 Years After Oil Spill Care…/oldest-known-king-eider-foun…/

Airdate: 01/08/2020 / Episode 20-02